two years ago, before our community had even heard of COVID-19 or the coronavirus, I was in Daniel’s Bakery picking up some pastries to bring to a
meeting at my office. While there, a gentleman came in, who seemed to be struggling a bit. He explained to the cashier that he didn’t have any money,
and was hoping for something to eat. The owner, Wanderléia Silva Ribeiro, came right over and told him to pick out anything he wanted, while making
him a cup of coffee as well. He was very thankful after Wanda told him he could come in anytime he needed something to eat. From that day on, I knew
I was going to be a loyal customer of Daniel’s Bakery, seeing them support a community member in such a generous way.

Having had this previous experience with the bakery, I wasn’t surprised to hear their generosity and efforts pop up again when Brighton Main Streets began
researching how local businesses stepped up for the community during the peak of this pandemic!

I had the opportunity to chat with Wanda about how they were able to help the community out over the past 10 months. I mentioned there were many community
members sharing how Daniel’s Bakery was giving out free loaves of bread to people who were in need, and I would love to know more about the details.

Wanda explained “We do two things with our loaves of bread. On Wednesdays we fill up a big basket in the bakery, and it’s still going on! Anyone who comes
in and needs something, can take it.” When I inquired to see if she had any idea how many people they have helped, she said confidently, “At least
300 people, but probably many more! And this doesn’t include the other way we contribute with our bread. We are also working with the churches.”

I pressed on to hear more about her work with the churches and she explained that her church had been collecting baskets of food for community members
in need, and to date they have provided loaves of bread for over 2,000 baskets! In addition, they have also been providing bread to the Allston-Brighton
Congregational Church, near Wanda’s storefront, with donations for their efforts in feeding the hungry.

Wanda’s parting words to me during our chat were “If everyone helps out, we can get through it together! We could help a lot of people.” Her mantra was
the perfect sentiment to the 2020 Season of Giving, and to how the community will continue to come together and help each other in the new year.

Daniel’s Bakery was the Brighton Main Street’s 2017 Business of the Year.


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