“It has been a trying year…”, or, “These are unprecedented times…” are statements that have been said repeatedly in the last 9 months. The
COVID-19 pandemic completely uprooted how any one of us function in everyday life. Many of us would ordinarily be traveling for the holidays and getting
together with family and friends but have made tough decisions to keep this holiday season safe and merry for everyone. And while we have all struggled
to adjust, there are neighbors, friends, or loved ones who have been impacted by this virus in a different way. Businesses and offices have had to
shut down completely or alter their operations to avoid spreading the virus, and with that came layoffs or furloughing members of their workforce.

Aidan and the BMS Board of Directors organized and implemented a review process that allowed applicants
to hear back within a few days, and began scheduling in-person pick-ups for their mini-grant recipients. BMS put in necessary safety precautions with
masks required, social distancing measurements enforced, and plenty of hand sanitizer!

Even with the funding from Charlesview in place, BMS wanted to provide more aid to workers being impacted. As the initial funding started to run out, the
team looked into other community partners. Boston College released its spring round of the Allston/Brighton Boston College Community Fund and Harvard
University released its Emergency COVID-19 Relief Grant. BMS applied and was approved for additional funding from both institutions. With help from
these community partners, Brighton Main Streets was able to assist 76 Brighton workers in the spring.

The holiday season is fast approaching, and a federal stimulus package to support our
businesses remains uncertain, so Brighton Main Streets has successfully applied for the latest round of Boston College’s Allston/Brighton Boston College
Community Fund grant. With it, BMS will reopen the Workers Relief Fund. BMS will be distributing $100 mini grants to help anyone who both lives and
works in the Brighton neighborhood and has been laid off or furloughed due to the pandemic. When BMS shared the news with Jo-Ann Barbour at Charlesview,
she stated, “Once again, Brighton Main Streets, embodies the Spirit of Giving with The Workers Relief Fund, to show our essential workers how much
we care for and value each and every person during this very difficult time and always.”


If this story inspires you, keep this power of 10 going and show your support by giving $10. Your $10 may not feel like a big deal, but when combine with
10 of your friends and neighbor’s who join you to give $10, that starts to make an exponentially bigger impact. By working together we can do more
than any of us can do alone. That’s the Power of 10.

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