The relationship between these two is what inspired our Season of Giving campaign. I had stopped by Center Salon to meet with Tommy Tu, the owner of
the salon, when I met Carol and Karen. Carol is a born and raised Oak Square girl and has been cutting hair at Center Salon for 25 of her 35 year
career. Karen moved to Brighton in 2003 to go to grad school at Boston College. The two met when Karen was looking for a salon that could give
her the exact help she needed for her haircare and one that was close and accessible to get t0o with her busy schedule for school. A friend had
recommended she try Carol at Center Salon, and both of them agree that it was an instantaneous connection. Karen would go on to become more than
a neighborhood regular for Carol for nine years while living in Brighton. And when Karen and her husband moved the family to Indiana in 2012, one
would think the story would end there. Well, Karen comes to Massachusetts about two times a year to visit family and friends, but when she does
get back to the Bay State, she pencils in time to get over to Brighton and see Carol. Since moving to Indiana, the two have been doing this for
the past eight years. An almost 20 year relationship, it is no surprise hearing that Carol has been there to do hair for Karen’s and her sister’s
wedding, first haircuts for Karen’s kids, and once in awhile Carol schedules a house visit to be sure Karen gets the care her hair deserves every
few months.

With a story like this, I had to ask Carol, what she liked most about her job? Carol answered simply, “I like making people happy.” She then stopped
treating Karen’s hair for a moment to exchange a smile with her friend. A story like theirs is what Brighton Main Streets is able to create through
our programming or capture and share so that our local businesses and its workers, like Carol at Center Salon, can continue to contribute in making
Brighton’s commercial district somewhere anyone can thrive and grow in. Help Brighton Main Streets by considering the Power of Giving Ten.

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