“Meet Me at The Corrib”: Lifelong Friends Reconnect

This Season of Giving we are highlighting how Brighton Main Streets and local businesses have helped our neighbors reconnect over the past year. Please consider supporting BMS with a small dollar donation to help make more community connections like these.

We all have those friends. You get together for coffee once a week, or dinner every month. Maybe you even go on a trip together every few years. These friends are the ones who have shared many good laughs or a needed cry, who remain in your orbit but may not get to see each other as much as you’d like. As the pandemic has persisted, plans for get-togethers with friends have been impacted, and it may have been months or even years since seeing each other. Many have used the holidays as the perfect time to reunite, and our board member, Rita, did just that.

Rita joined our board in 2020 as a representative of St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center, but has been an Allston-Brighton resident for her entire life. At a recent board meeting, Rita lit up when I asked the Zoom conference room, “How has everyone been doing?”

With a Cheshire Cat grin, Rita responded, “I actually had a great weekend with some close friends!” 

As Rita began to share her story, it was what inspired Brighton Main Streets to focus on this year’s theme for the Season of Giving…reconnecting with friends and neighbors. 

Rita had been longing for a night out away from her husband and adult children (she promises she loves them very much!). She reached out to her friend Carol for dinner and drinks at The Corrib Pub & Restaurant in Brighton Center. Rita and Carol’s friendship goes back almost 30 years, when the two of them, co-workers and college classmates were part of a small group who developed a fast friendship. The two of them shared a wonderful meal at Corrib, recounting old stories, sharing life updates, and cracking jokes only their small group of friends could understand. 

“A gentleman across the bar noticed how much fun we were having, and he bought us a round of drinks!” Rita recounted. “The evening had turned into such a joy, we decided we needed to get more of the crew back together.” 

And got the crew together they did.

Rita and Carol have since gone back to The Corrib several times with their crew from the days of working shifts at Bed & Bath, while earning their college degrees. John Bligh, owner of The Corrib, commented on how it has felt seeing friends gather again at his restaurant: “We have been seeing reunions happening a lot! It is even great to see when people who haven’t seen each other bump into one another at the bar. The restaurant has always been a place for people to gather, and we can’t wait to continue welcoming back our customers as we get back to normal.” 

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